About us

Our pursuit is progress for people in technology. That’s why we take a closer look at tech, analyse, think ahead and present to people in the simplest way possible.

who are we?

We are a small team of tech enthusiasts. We believe in finding small but meaningful ways to improve lives.

What we do?

At Byte Varsity, we serve how-to tech, best of tech,  life tech, and expert reviews. Your own personal tech assistant.

our mission

Our mission is to help people understand and use technology and make better decisions. We what we do!

Meet Our Team

Quadir - Bytevarsity Founder

G A Quadir

Founder and Editor-in-chief

Kelsie Koester

Kelsie Koester

Content Head and Editorial Advisor

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Vaishnavi Kulkarni

Social Media Manager

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Rukayya Zirapur

Content Writer

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