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Best Gaming Monitors 2021: High-Performance Matters

Best Gaming Monitors 2020

Looking for the best gaming monitors to buy in 2020? You’re in the right place. A high-performance monitor for gaming is way too important and resolution alone is not the factor. Now, you may have a question that gaming can be done through any monitor then why high-performance monitor?

The high-performance monitor gives high-quality graphics which creates better interaction with gamers while gaming.

There a lot more factors considered when we look for the best gaming monitors, such as:

  • IPS panels – better color reproduction
  • Refresh rate – it  has a higher refresh rate which gives a smoother image
  • Free sync and G sync – These are generally compatible with only free sync and G sync displays.
  • High resolution – It brings better on-screen gaming and brings higher pixels

All these features matter a lot in gaming. Considering good monitors will make your gaming experiences better than before.

A hardcore gamer knows the feeling of playing on the big screen, isn’t it?  A gaming keyboard, a robust mouse and a large screen, the only combo we need 24×7.

But when it comes to a best and large monitor, there are many in the marketplace, often confusing which one to go for.

Here I have made it easy for you, by shortlisting the 8 best gaming monitor your money can buy today.

I have kept shortlisting criteria as screen size, resolution, refresh rate, etc

Best Gaming Monitors in 2020

BenQ Zowie

best gaming monitors 2020

BenQ Zowie is a gaming monitor of 27 inches. The response time includes 1ms, with 1080 resolution, color vibrancy and has an adjustable screen. Some users of BenQ have also mentioned that there’s no better feeling than having a smooth gaming experience.

Let’s look into BenQ Zowie technical specifications:

  • Dimension – 27 inch
  • Screen resolution– 1920/1080 pixels
  • Number of USB ports – 2
  • Weight – 16.53 pounds
  • Color available – Black/Red
  • Refresh rate – 240 Hz
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

The most genuine review says, ‘If you play CSGO or other competitive FPS game and compete at a very high skill level and have the computer hardware to run at 240fps or higher and are willing to pay a hefty premium for an ever so slight competitive advantage — then this monitor is for you. For everyone else, save your money and buy a 240 Hz monitor.’

LG UltraFine

best gaming monitors of 2020

LG Ultrafine is another great gaming monitor. It has excellent free sync if you have an AMD video card. The resolution is taken care of by the video card which keeps FPS high. Also, the color and image qualities are really good at this price.

Moreover, adjustable-height and high screen are amazing features.

More features from LG Ultrafine are:

  • Weight – 14.11 pounds
  • Product dimension – 24.6 x 2.1 x 14.8 inches
  • Compatible with Mac book or Mac book pro.
  • It has 5120 * 2880 resolution
  • Provides picture in picture functionality.
  • 178 degree wide viewing experience

Dell Marketing USA LP UltraSharp LED-lit Monitor

gaming monitors to buy in 2020

Dell Marketing USA LP UltraSharp is equivalent to two 27 inch QHD monitors. It is the world’s first 49” curved Dual QHD monitors. Its features include multitasking and USB connectivity.

It has response time 8ms for normal mode and 5ms for fast mode. Moreover, it lets you charge your connected USB-C laptop with up to 90Wi of power and its feature reduces harmful blue light emissions.

Other notable specifications include:

  • Refresh Rate – 60 Hz
  • Weight – 37.92 lbs
  • Item dimension – 47.84 x 9.94 x 21.6 in
  • Screen – resolution max 5120×1440 pixels
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9

Deco Gear 3-Pack 35-inch Curved Ultrawide LED Gaming Monitor

best gaming monitor 2020 dell

Deco gear is an ultra-wide 35-inch gaming monitor. The deco gear monitor reduces reflections at the edge, fewer strains to the eye and gives more immersing viewing experience.

Users are not using just because it is ultra-wide but the ultra-wide feature makes it more harm-free and gives more interesting viewing experience. This also gives you more desktop space to achieve the latest objectives or display multiple windows for supreme task management.

Features are as follow:

  • Display Type – LED
  • Display size – 35 inch
  • Item dimension – 32.9 x 9.3 x 19.1 in
  • Item weight – 18.2 lbs
  • Size – triple monitors

BenQ XL2430T 24 inch Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitors

BenQ 24 inch gaming monitor with 144 Hz 1ms fast response time is giving users the experience they want. Gamers need great gaming experience and they look a lot of features in monitors, and BenQ gaming monitor can be the right choice.

BenQ is best for FPS RTS and MOBA games. Its color vibrancy allows easy setting to meet personal color preferences. Moreover, it gives an adjustable screen and perfect image.

What’s inside BenQ gaming monitor:

  • Resolution 1080
  • Display – 24-inch
  • Display Type – LED
  • Weight – 15 lbs
  • Refresh rate – 144 Hz

Acer Gaming Monitor 37.5″ Ultra Wide Curved XR382CQK

Best Gaming Monitors

Acer gaming monitor is a 35-inch ultra-wide monitor. It provides a curved widescreen IPS display with AMD Free sync technology. The monitor comes with two speakers having 7 watts per speaker.

Gamers have reviewed the Acer gaming monitor as the smoothest and give faster and better gaming experience.

 More features of the monitor are as follow:

  • Display size 35 inch
  • Resolution 3840 * 1600 pixels
  • 23.61lba weight
  • Refresh rate 75 hertz

ASUS 35” Curved Gaming Monitor UWQHD

Best Gaming Monitors

ASUS 35” curved monitor with 100 Hz. Its adaptive free sync makes it smoother. Its enhanced customized feature offers it Aura Sync RGB lighting on the back and LED lighting projection in the base.

The manufacturer provides 3 years rapid replacement warranty. ASUS exclusive Eye Care technology paired with swivel, tilt and height adjustability lets you game in comfort.

Let’s look into some important specifications:

  • Screen size 34.5 inches
  • Panel type – 4ms
  • Curved panel 1800R
  • RGB lightning Aura Sync

ASUS ROG PG279Q 27″ Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitors

ASUS ROG PG279Q 27″ Gaming Monitor comes with 1440p IPS and adjustable economic eye care. Gamer’s experiences immersive life-like color in games. With a refresh rate of 165 Hz, it gives a smoother experience. The thin bezel design brings out the best balance of screen size and resolution for gaming.

It is a seamless marathon gameplay and provides gamer center features. ASUS ROG has wide options of connectivity for WQHD input including Display Port 1.2 and HDMI ports.

  • Screen size – 27 inch
  • Panel type IPS
  • Response time 4ms Gray to Gray
  • Resolution 2560 by 1440

These are the 8 best gaming monitors that will give you great gaming experience. They are used by a number of gamers every day. It is upon you now that which one goes best for your needs.

Here is the link to LCD test index where you can test various display factors and adjust the best setting for your monitor.

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