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Brave Browser Now Unofficially Supports ARM64-based Devices

Brave Browser ARM64

One of the biggest headaches, which the Surface Pro X users have to face, is the lack of support for native Windows app that runs on ARM64 libraries. In terms of browser, it is only limited to Microsoft’s new Edge browser compiled for ARM64. Even Firefox has a version of its browser in testing.

If you love privacy, here’s some good news for you. A Windows MVP developer, Jeremy Sinclair, has effectively recompiled the Brave browser using Microsoft’s ARM64 Chromium libraries. As a result, the browser can run natively on the ARM-based laptops like the Surface Pro X.

For the unversed, Brave is the latest entry in the Chromium-based browsers in the market. The browser, launched officially in November 2019, is one of those privacy-cum-security focused web browsers. Features like Ad-blocker and tracking protection are baked right inside the browser.

The best thing about browsers based on the open-source Chromium project is versatility. Anyone with the right resources and time can recompile a browser. Because of this ability, Sinclair was able to recompile the Brave browser. Though this build of Brave isn’t made available to the public by Sinclair, he did share his work with the Brave team.

Windows Central to whom Sinclair also shared the app, reports that the browser runs almost flawlessly on the Surface Pro X. Since most of the work on the app seems done, we can expect to see an official version of the popular app for ARM devices soon.

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Featured image courtesy: Windows Central

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