Byte: A 6-Second Looping Video App (Yes, it’s interesting)


The world is getting better for creators every second. Every new technology is over taking the previous one to better the experience of creators.

Similarly, while the audiences and the creators are getting crazy about TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories, Vine co-founder launched Byte app (A 6-second looping video app) to attract the market full of creators and viewers.

The best thing about Byte app, also known as new vine app, is the option of monetization given to the creators. That means you can earn from your creativity. But the feature will be the new update.

This feature will basically attract more creators and make it as successful as Vine.

Here are some interesting facts about Byte a 6-second looping video –

  • Allows user to create a video shorter than 15 seconds i.e 6 seconds
  • Currently, the biggest competitor of TikTok
  • Founded by the co-founder of Vine
  • Got 1.3 million downloads in its 1st week
  • Believes in creativity first
  • Users can earn from their creativity by monetizing the video contents
  •  And some features are like – augmented reality filters, transition effects, ability to create remixes, etc.

Byte, A 6-second looping video app allows a user to capture 6-second video using in-built camera or upload from camera roll to showoff creativity.

The aim of Byte was to attract more creators who hoped for shorter videos than 1 minute feature on TikTok. To give Byte followers more opportunity, along with monetization, Byte was created.

The Byte app already has Vine video creators on board who showcase their talent in a 6-second looping video app and share with the world.

Byte lets users create a profile, check on feeds, explore what they want to watch or see to have a great real life experience from creators. Byte has a lot more features to talk about and that’s what makes it the best.

Some features are like – augmented reality filters, transition effects, ability to create remixes, etc.

However, they are still working on ways to reach more creators and people to follow-on Byte. It may also bring more enthusiastic features in its upcoming updates

Byte Vs TikTok

Byte app on its launched created a long-lasting impression with already 1.3 million downloads in its first week.

Nevertheless, TikTok has been a new trend since a long time in every creator’s life. Both the apps aim the same if you look at it practically that is to reach more creators and let them create, upload and share videos. 

Now, TikTok gives creator 15 seconds while Byte gives creators 6 seconds to show their creativity and experiences under the limit.

This time feature was designed to create short and interesting videos to share with the world and engage them. Both the apps have the features like – upload, trim, explore feed, follow others, filters, effects, etc for users to have great using experience. 

In short, the only difference that we have noticed so far is the idea of letting users monetize their videos using Byte App.

Byte may also have more features to come in the future and more updates from the founder in upcoming months. 

Compability of Byte App

Byte is right now available for iOS and Android users. The users can directly download the app from their phone’s store and enjoy the impactful experience.

What different features Byte have in it from other apps ?

Byte, as per our research, is quite a safe place to be on. Without hate and abusive contents, it is creating difference in the world. 

Below are some features that Byte has, but other apps do not have –

– Creates 6-second looping video
– Right now safe for children
– No hate contents found
– Accounts created will remain public
– Allows user to block people they do not want as followers
– Monetize and earn from videos

Before opting for any Android or iOS App, we genuinely concern about the app being safe for us. The worries about authorized and relevant content seeks our attention. If the app seems to have more of hate, nudity, pornography, or bully content, we keep it out of reach of our children, siblings and individuals younger to us. Sometimes, we ourselves do not consider making a profile in apps like this.

However, as Byte has launched recently it has shown no such searches or hashtags relating to sexual or abusive content, which you may find in other apps.

The other thing that we look in any app is its level of privacy. Like how Instagram lets the user keep their account either public or private, similarly it’s with twitter and few similar apps. But, Byte currently doesn’t have the feature of keeping the account private. It only allows you to block the account you do not want as a follower.

The best thing about Byte is that it is bringing the monetization feature for creators which similar creator apps like TikTok doesn’t have in it. And it may bring more features about it in its new update.

Why should anyone use Byte when there's already TikTok ?

There are a number of reasons why Byte is better. However, people may still find TikTok the best, but Byte gives a lot more features that TikTok doesn’t.

1. Short time limit – TikTok lets the user create either 15 or 60 seconds video. However, there can be individuals wanting to create shorter videos than 15 seconds.

2. New trend – Byte is described as the biggest competitor of TikTok, which definitely talks about its features which may be better than similar apps like TikTok.

3. To engage with the world – Teenagers are all the time curious about reaching more and more people. They explore new ideas, new creators and look forward to showoff their creativity. And Byte a 6-second looping video works the best in this regard.

4. To give your videos a new impression – With so many new effects, filters, features and feed you can create a video with lasting impression.

How to Use Byte App?

Here’s the procedure of using Byte a 6-second looping video

1. Download the app – Firstly, as per your phone whether it is an Android or iOS, download the app from its respected store and install it in your device.

2. Create a profile – Create a profile by signing up into Byte to start using the app and creating the videos

3. Follow other creators – After you log in into the account, you are enabled to follow the creators of your choice

4. Upload already shot videos to put effects, filters, and transitions

5. Capture new 6-second looping videos to share with the world

6. Add music to your videos to make it interesting using + in the app and other features as well

7. Block followers by visiting their profile, then clicking on block user to not allow a specific user to follow you

This is all that we have observed and have researched about Byte. Hopefully, they will come with new updates which will have more features in it. 

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