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The leaks

The Toronto based startup, Ecobee’s upcoming Smart Camera has already seen a chain of leaks with recent grist for the gossip mill being its Smart camera with voice control. Identified first by Zatz Not Funny, the new filing from ecobee shows a sample label that suggests that the yet to be announced camera will support Apple’s HomeKit.

Ecobee’s other smart home appliances, smart thermostats, and light switches are empowered by Alexa, which has ultimately led to the supposition that the camera will be Alexa-enabled too.

By adding a smart home security product to its lineup, Ecobee is stretching far and wide into the new region of the smart home to surpass its opponents Nest and established camera companies like Canary and Arlo.

The steezy look

 The elegant silver and, conical Ecobee-branded camera is something to be admired and fancied by every tech-savvy. The contrasting white and black body is staged upon a silver base in order to match the new temperature-controlled smart sensors. The look is kept simple yet stylish with more Identity and less blockish than the Wyze cube.

The remarkable attributes

The Ecobee’s Smart Camera comes with voice control that will work the same as the company’s thermostat that is equipped with internal microphones and Amazon’s Alexa.

Adding to the multiple facets, the camera consists of a temperature sensor that enables it to work just like Ecobee’s Room Sensors, and that HomeKit would support it to work with Siri, scenes, and automation. Apple’s privacy centered camera, HomeKit Secure Video with recording feature is already in the market and having another Homekit camera is the hot potato for camera fans.

Financing matters

Despite the fact that Ecobee does not have the huge sum of money that Google has put into its Google Home or Nest-branded products, however, it is not that cash-strapped either. The previous year, Ecobee announced a $36 million bonanza from investor Caisse de dépôt et placement du Quebec, which brought a hefty investment of $155 million. This huge amount of cash can finance a lot of engineering and design resulting in a  new product for investors appeasement.

The Ecobee founder and CEO Stuart Lombard in the recent press release said, “Now, this round of funding will allow Ecobee to continue transforming the way consumers control their homes as we build the world’s first home operating system that leverages voice, advanced sensor technology, and powerful A.I.”.

Final words

People out there would fairly anticipate conventional connected camera capabilities such as notifications and motion detection, with the exception of the Alexa mics, Ecobee has been to another level as a multi-purpose device. And now, with HomeKit confirmed, capabilities could be driven over the top.

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