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As Facebook spares no effort to expand its ecosystem, it keeps on adding and subtracting features from its mobile applications. The company’s prime chat app, Messenger has lately been modified considerably.

The Facebook Messenger is ready to get a changed look soon. The app is purportedly pulling down the Discover tab and also disconnecting with the chatbots. This is going to be done to provide a better user experience. The target behind doing away with the Discover Tab was to keep the app lucid and to grab more attention.

Straight from official sources

As announced by TechCrunch, the Chatbots were core to the master plan that Facebook Messenger had three years ago. Today they are being put out from view in the app in addition to businesses and games. The Discover tab is now being removed from the Facebook Messenger and as it centers the attention on speed and simplicity rather than wide utility app like China’s WeChat.

The changes

The changes constituted the huge Messenger reorganization that recreates the People tab around Stories as Facebook continues to try to influence the fading social media format it copied from Snapchat. The People tab now defaults to a full-screen sub-tab of friends’ Stories and needs a tap over to the Active sub-tab to view which friends are online now.

Old Messenger Look

facebook messenger latest update
image: Facebook

New Updated Look

facebook messenger latest update 2020
image: TechCrunch/Jeff Higgins

The modification will seemingly drive users towards more time spent chatting with friends and watching content, instead of chatting with chatbots, business, and playing games. The Discover tab will be out of sight, and this implies that the only tabs you will see will be People and Chat, of which People will have two sub-tabs, one for Stories and another for Active.

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Chatbots, games, and businesses have been put out of sight and are only available when you search through the Messenger search bar. By and large, this makes the app simpler and gives it a cleaner design that provides Messenger users to obtain the app’s main features straight away after opening the app.


As per the report, a Facebook spokesperson has reaffirmed that this change will soon start rolling out”, and that many of you might already have the update. Facebook had planned more rollouts this week in view of the promise it made in August that it would do away with the Discover tab soon.

This update seems to signify that Facebook is driving Messenger in the direction of WhatsApp to become an organized and centered messenger service, instead of a do-it-all workability app like China’s WeChat.

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