How to Cancel Automatic Payments on PayPal

How to Cancel Automatic Payments on PayPal

If you’re seeking a solution to ‘How to Cancel Automatic Payments on PayPal’, most probably in two scenarios:

  1. You’re subscribed to a service that renews monthly or yearly.
  2. You’ve taken a service trial and want to cancel it.

Well, PayPal’s recurring payment feature is good because it saves time by automatically renewing your subscriptions, but on the other hand, it might upset you if your account is charged if you don’t cancel automatic payments on time.

Follow these steps, you’ll be able to cancel all PayPal automatic payment in no time.

How to Cancel Automatic Payments on PayPal

Step 1: Login to your PayPal account.

Step 2: Open a new tab, a visit this link to open automatic payment dashboard

Step 3: On PayPal autopay dashboard, you can manage all the pre-approved payments for subscriptions, automatically invoiced payments and instant plan payments.

PayPal automatic recurring payment management dashboard
PayPal automatic payment dashboard

Step 4: Click on the merchant name you want to cancel autopay for, on the next page you’ll find billing details and a link to cancel the automatic payment.

That’s it, you can not cancel automatic payment in bulk but one by one.

If you’re a PayPal business user, this guide will help you connect your website to the PayPal payment gateway: How to get your PayPal API, Username, and Password

Frequently Asked Questions on PayPal Automatic Payments:

  1. What If I have no balance in my account and don't cancel automatic payment?

    It depends on the subscription service provider. If they cancel your account due to non-payment, then it's all good. If they choose to keep your account and try automatic payment again and you have money in your account, you'll be charged.
    It's better to cancel automatic payments as soon as you feel you don't need a particular service.

  2. How to cancel PayPal automatic payments on mobile?

    The above method is same and easiest one to follow both on mobile or computer. Sometime you can also find the automatic payment option in settings>manage automatic payments. But this option is not available on all PayPal account types.

  3. How to cancel recurring payment in PayPal business account?

    The above method works for all types of PayPal account. That is, log in to PayPal, open a new tab, a visit this link to open the automatic payment dashboard.
    Click on the merchant name you want to cancel automatic payment, cancel on the next page.

  4. How to stop recurring payments in PayPal?

    There are 2 methods to stop recurring payments in PayPal:
    1. Follow this PayPal automatic payment dashboard link and select the merchant to cancel the payment.
    2. Or simply, unlink the account and delete the associated debit/credit card from PayPal.

  5. Does PayPal refund if my account has been debited in automatic recurring payment?

    You can request PayPal to refund but PayPal does not take responsibility most of the time. It depends on the service provider you're subscribed to, if they grant your refund request, all good. Otherwise, you've lost your money.
    Always, save recurring payment info in your calendar and cancel immediately when you don't need it anymore.

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