how to remove the Google from gboard space bar

“Google” on space bar, but why?

I hate all these useless features, in fact this is not a feature but a direct advertising on my keyboard.

In simple word, it’s irritating to look at.

It looks like a new Gboard update and it sucks. Here’s how to remove the Google from Gboard space bar.

Google has not given any option to hide or remove this ‘Google’ from space bar yet.  You can only bypass this for now in three ways: Try one of them, I hope the first method will remove the Google branding.

  1. Uninstall all Gboard Updates and revert back to older version
  2. Adding one more language, and thus your current language will appear.
  3.  Switch to better alternative keyboard
Note: If your smartphone has an inbuilt keyboard like Samsung other than the Gboard, generally it work flawless. You can try it too.

How to remove the “Google” from Gboard space bar:

1. Uninstall updates and revert back to older version

Step 1: Go to “Settings” then tap on Apps/App Management

Step 2: Find “Gboard’ and click on “Uninstall updates”.

Or simply go to Play Store>Gboard>Unistall>Unistall All Updates

Remove the Google from Gboard Space bar

Done. Now you rolled back to the older version of Gboard. Hope this removed the “Google” logo from Gboard space bar.

If not, move on to the second method.

2. Add one more language to Gboard

Here’s how you can add a language in Gboard, step-by-step.

Step 1: Open phone setting, search for “Gboard”. Click on ‘Share Gboard’.

Remove the Google from Gboard Space bar

Step 2: From the options, click on languages and click “Add Keyboard”.

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Remove the Google from Gboard Space bar

Step 3: Here I am adding “Spanish” as a second language. You can choose your own desired language and select it.

Click Done.

Remove the Google from Gboard Space bar

Now, instead of “Google” branding, your Android space bar will show “English” . You can long press the space bar to switch between the languages. 

Remove the Google from Gboard Space bar

Better than the irritating “Google” atleast.

3. Switch to alternative keyboard

There are many third part keyboard apps for android but I recommend only 3 keyboard apps, available on Google Play store.

Bad Keyboard apps can do more harm than anything and proved to be a nightmare for many. Because of shady privacy policies, they can store your sensitive data such as personal texts or credit card information .

Here are 3 keyboard android apps which are not inferior than Gboard and have strong privacy policies. For many android users, these keyboards are their first choice.

  1. SwiftKey
  2. Fleksy
  3. OpenBoard 
Hope this helped you for now. Let’s wait for the next update and an option to hide or disable “Google” logo from keybaord space bar.

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