Netflix’s New Feature Ranks its Top 10 Most-Watched Content


It almost becomes beyond the realm of reason to imagine a world without Netflix, where people keep an eye on every new feature that it keeps on adding.

Here we bring you the latest update from the Netflix’s official sources.
Netflix, the famous American media-services provider, and production company, has recently announced that it is adding a brand new attribute that will list the 10 most-watched programs on its service in your nation.

The top 10 list will put on view the most prevalent programs, shows and movies from all the contents that Netflix has. What’s more to news is that different lists for only the top 10 shows and movies can also be viewed the moment you switch over to either TV show or Movies tap in the app.

How the list thing works

The list of top 10 is created in a way that makes it more eye-catching than the other list of recommendations. The new-look contains big numerals to show how those titles are ranked instead of just displaying image thumbnails of the titles.

netflix top 10

Earlier Netflix had lists that featured both popular band trending content, however, these didn’t rank the content in order.
With the addition of new features, the Netflix officials said that these lists will be upgraded daily. The lists are planned to aid users to know what shows or movies everyone else is watching, says Netflix, and is intended to help users find out what titles everyone is watching.

It all started with an experiment

This is the first time that Netflix is rolling out a top 10 ranking system worldwide. However, the company has been carrying out trials with the top 10 rows earlier in the markets, including the U.K. and Mexico. As reported by the company, the users of the above two countries reacted exceedingly well to those additions, that is why the company decided to roll out its top 10 rows throughout the world.

netflix feature update

How to find the list

The top 10 rows will be upgraded daily and let you know what is trending in your country. The ranking of the top 10 list also depends on your Netflix interface and how relevant the films and shows are to you. Therefore the features prominently put on view at the top of your Netflix feed.

After opening your Netflix account, navigate to either the “TV shows” or “Movies” tab. The A-list that contains licensed movies and shows and Netflix’s content crop up as a uniquely mapped list at different places on TV shows and Movies tab.

The top 10 row does not offer any tough grade, but this can help you to figure out popular and trending TV shows and movies in your country.

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