RewardStyle Review (Now LTK): Is it Good for Lifestyle Influencers?

In 2022, everyone is looking for different ways they can monetize their content, be it bloggers or influencers.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that is focused on involving influential people rather than the regular target market. It basically recognizes individuals who have influence over potential buyers in the industry and determines marketing activities around these influencers.

You may be wondering how RewardStyle actually works and who is it for.

RewardStyle is a home decor and fashion-focused affiliate network for Instagram Influencers and Bloggers.

In the year 2011, fashion blogger Amber Vaz founded RewardStyle, such that there is a platform for brands to compensate bloggers for promoting their brands online.

Currently, RewardStyle works with thousands of Influencers and Retailers, it has managed to create a mark in the Affiliate Industry and is one of the foremost fashion marketing platforms.

RewardStyle is now LTK, the acquisition by Shoptik made it a better monetization option.

How does RewardStyle Work

RewardStyle proffers two main streams that assist publishers to generate their revenue:

  1. Affiliate Commissions
  2. Collaborations

Affiliate Commissions

Let’s say if you are an Influencer on Instagram and a brand approaches you.
RewardStyle will offer you a commission on each sale that they generate from the given retailer.

Whenever you being an Influencer post any content, either on their blog or Instagram, the brands include the RewardStyle-enabled links to the products featured in your content, such that the readers can click through the product or make a purchase if interested.

What the RewardStyle-enabled links do is, it will place a cookie on your readers’ browser which will assist RewardStyle in tracking the sales made by the reader from the retailer.

This cookie lasts for anywhere from about 30-60 days, with an exception of the Amazon cookie lasting for only 24 hours.

Here comes the tricky part, if the reader purchases the featured product within the time frame, then only a sale is recorded and tied back to you for commission.

Mostly, 60 days is a great buffer time and interested readers do make the purchase, but at times this doesn’t work and you lose on your commission.

Wayfair, Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Revolve are some well-known retailers that are affiliated with RewardStyle.

Talking about the commission rates, they might vary from brand to brand and retailer to retailer but most of them fall in the range of around 7-20,% of the total retail purchase made.

This means, if you make use of a RewardStyle link and generate a $100 sale from one of your readers and 7% is the commission that the retailer is offering you, you earn $7.

There are many ways through which you can create links on RewardStyle with the help of tools, all RewardStyle commissions are based on the clicks of your readers.
Here’s a list of tools through which you can create links:

  1. Text Links
  2. Widgets

Collaborating with Brands

When it comes to organizing paid collaborations between brands and publishers, RewardStyle works as a middleman and does it for you.

This involves content created by the publisher and then shared within the community. Most of the time, the publisher is given the option to choose from products and also a key brand message.

After the selection process, the publisher is solely responsible for creating content and unique images, later promoting the same through their blog posts or social media handles and marketing channels.

All these collaborations don’t have a fixed pricing and the payment is made in lump sums. At times the publisher has to purchase the product that they are willing to promote and then go ahead with the shoot, but most of the time the product is sent to the influencer by the retailer/brand.

How to Get Started with RewardStyle (LTK)?


  1. Text Links

Once that you have generated the link to your designated product, one of the best and simplest ways to add these RewardStyle links is by including them in your text. This can be either in your blog posts or on Youtube.

For ease, you can make use of ‘Link Ninja’ to generate these RewardStyle-enabled links on your browser from any brand/retailer.

2. Widgets

Widgets are bait to entice your users, on RewardStyle you can create hundreds of image-based widgets that will attract your readers to click on your links.

The ‘Shop the post’ widget is a really popular widget on RewardStyle that works best for enticing your readers. Adding images always work, it will simply multiply the clicks on your link.


If you are an Instagram influencer, this is for you. You can make your Instagram posts shoppable. Your followers can visit your Liketoknow. post and shop the featured product from there.

Another way to use this feature is, your followers can screenshot your post and they’ll receive an email. This email will have all the links to the products.


  1. With minimum effort, you can find the best product

2. Easy linking to products

  1. All advertisers are listed in the just the interface, it’s pretty easy to operate as well.
  2. Say goodbye to waiting for advertisers to accept you for their affiliate program, RewardStyle does that for you, all you need to do is start promoting.
  3. Incredible widgets assist you in creating attractive images which in turn will help you earn money.
  4. You can tweet or post the products on Facebook or Twitter within just a few clicks.
  5. You can use their LIKEtoKNOW service and start making money through Instagram once you sign up with RewardStyle.


  1. RewardStyle wouldn’t let anyone join their network, they are cliquish.
  2. RewardStyle filters all the members based on their performance and holds a yearly conference that only includes the top performers, this is a little unfair for the newbies who are willing to learn.
  3. The approval of your application takes months together.
  4. They hold the authority to fire anyone who isn’t performing up to the mark.
  5. The commission that you earn from different brands, isn’t decided over time rather it varies and is also unclear.
  6. The highest-earning publisher takes away all the light and is given the most attention.
  7. Only the highest-earning publisher gets the best collaborations, if you are an underperforming member you miss out on great opportunities.

Final Verdict

It is obvious that businesses like to collaborate with successful and emerging influencers; RewardStyle is in the same race. If you have a good number of followers and a great engagement rate, you can apply to be a RewardStyle LTK creator here.

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