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Technology fighting pandemic: AI to help handle the Corona crisis

How is technology helping fight Coronavirus? Major advances in medical technology help learn more about virus, its symptoms and cure. Tech teams & bots in hospitals, in China. What can we do as an individual? All that you need to know.

fighting coronavirus with technology

As the Corona crisis spreads to over 100 lands, since its first appearance in Wuhan, China, the nation’s leader, Xi Jinping, has sought support from technical swarms of the country.

On the line of response to the virus, China’s technology sector, explicitly artificial intelligence (AI), data science are helping track and fight the pandemic.  Also, Israel to use anti-terror technology to fight coronavirus which include capabilities of real-time tracking of infected persons’ mobile phones to spot quarantine breaches.

Multiple tech startups and leading giants like Google, Amazon are pioneering health projects to help combat the virus, Covid-19, with integral involvement with clinics, academics and governments around the globe activating countermeasures as the virus now moves to six continents and has caused more than 85,000 instances of respiratory illness and more than 5,000 deaths. 

Here are a few ways technology is helping fight coronavirus (COVID-19)

fighting coronavirus with technology ai

Tracking and identification of virus with AI

In fighting the virus, the first step is tracking it. The faster we track the virus, the better and sooner we can tackle it. By monitoring news reports, social media platforms and official documents, machine learning algorithms can detect an outbreak.

Isolation of strains of virus by machine is needed to research vaccines. The system speed is gigantic and calculations and model solutions run are much faster than standard computer processing.
Momentum is the major factor at the time of pandemic.

For instance, startup Bluedot’s AI alarmed the threat a few days before the World Health Organization issued public warnings.

Help in Diagnosis

AI solution offering front-line healthcare, helping detect and monitor the disease efficiently. Cloud or shared computing and supercomputers of companies are at disposal of researchers to accelerate the development of a cure for the virus.

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, holds that its new AI-powered diagnosis system can identify coronavirus infections with up to 96% accuracy.

Assistance in developing vaccine

BenevolentAI has proposed within weeks of outbreak the existing drugs that might be useful, using AI’s predictive capabilities.
Alibaba co-founder, Jack Ma announced that his charity will be donating $2.15m towards the development of the vaccine.
Thus, the Tech sector is providing support not only technically but monetary too.

Transportation facilities, avoiding human contact

With zero threat to robots from viruses, they are being employed to complete tasks such as cleaning, sterilizing and delivering food and medicine reducing the amount of human motion or contact. Drones are one of the safest and fastest ways to deliver medical supplies during a disease outbreak at a designated location.

UVD robots by Blue Ocean Robotics use UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses. Quarantined travellers are being served food and provided health advice by ‘Little Peanut’ delivery robot and Shenzhen’s DJI drones respectively.

Improved fabrics to offer protection

As the size of Coronavirus is large enough, almost any mask serves the purpose. Sonovia, an Israeli startup aims at arming healthcare systems and others with face masks and hospital gowns made from anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric that relies on metal-oxide nanoparticles, which are more cost effective.

Technology to mark non-compliance or infected individuals

Surveillance system in China is using facial recognition technology and temperature detection software to track people who might have a fever and be at more risk of having the virus.

‘Smart helmets’ for officers and drones for thermal imaging, patrolling public spaces do the task.  A detection app is there to notify if the user has been in close contact with a virus carrier.

technology vs corona

Monitoring systems to check body temperatures of people passing by.

Process healthcare claims

As the business and administrative institutions are dealing with the surge of patients, the divisions along with clinical operations of medical are being taxed. Here emerging blockchain technology is helping speed up claims processing, while reducing the amount of face-to-face interaction between patients and hospital staff as well.

Ensuring smooth educational flow in spite of shutdown

Century Tech, a UK based startup is partnering with more than 30 schools to offer its artificial intelligence-powered, personalised online learning, to help children in China study even while schools are closed.

Making available a database

To understand the constitution of the virus, and publish the findings to help nonprofits develop treatments, Google’s DeepMind division uses advanced AI algorithms.

Castor under Derk Arts has given free access to its data capture platform to support non-profit COVID19 research projects, aiming that, by enabling researchers to capture standardised data, easy aggregation of clinical data from around the world is possible.

Also, Bing has launched an interactive world map to check coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.

Coronavirus map bing

Even though some of the moves might hamper the existing threat to privacy in China yet the need of hour provokes the usage to utmost. To read more visit here.

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