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What according to you a caged man would have done thousands of years ago to entertain himself? The only possible prime method to spare his time was to either sing jingles or dance to his beats.

But now, thanks to the constant high-tech developments in the field of the internet that we have multiple choices to engage ourselves in, and you will get to learn more about it in Yidio reviews. And certainly, the most popular and common one is streaming online/offline shows.

You might be feeling butterflies in your stomach because when you are already paying hefty sums of money for a subscription to varied streaming platforms Yidio review is an ultimate saver.

‘Your Video Internet’ or ‘Yidio’ streams your favorite shows directly on your screens for free, free, and free. Well if you are excited enough to know more about Yidio then continue reading this Yidio review!

Shows To stream- Yidio Review

Yidio review- stream your favorite shows directly on your screens for free

Yidio is one of it’s kind, it is something you would love to use because of the wide range of shows available. Not only this Yidio provides a one-stop-shop for you to find all your desired shows.

This is one of the reasons why we love writing Yidio reviews so much because it saves you all the trouble of finding your favorite movies on different streaming platforms.

We bet you here, you will find each and every show or movie on Yidio. It features movies from 70 websites including Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, HBO, VH1. Binge-watching has a powerful essence in our lives that is why we brought our astounding readers another great platform to stream ultimate movies and shows for free.

There are a variety of titles to search for and enjoy like comedy, romance, motivational, action, thriller and so many more. Yidio accommodates all the popular shows, channels, and movies in one place for the convenience of the viewers.

Cost/ Plans

Yidio is a free online video streaming platform made especially for its users to have the ease of entertainment without spending a penny. You can directly browse Yidio on your devices and have access to it, watch unlimited movies without the need to pay. 

But, Yidio doesn’t own all the videos displayed as it features videos from other streaming platforms too. Videos that are featured on Yidio redirect you to their respective sites and these sites unlike Yidio aren’t free. 

So in a nutshell, you can watch movies that are exclusive to Yidio for free but to watch movies that are owned by other streaming platforms you need to pay for it. 

Streaming Quality

The shows you are interested in will no longer eat your slim pockets and you can thank Yidio for that.

Movies streamed on Yidio are of standard quality similar to that of the DVD. It does not provide full HD or HD videos. Whereas videos that redirect you to other websites are of high and better quality. 

Another best feature is it does not buffer. We have checked this very well but you still might face some buffering depending on the speed and connection of your internet.

We definitely give a thumbs up to Yidio’s streaming quality.

Platform it supports

Yidio- a great free movie app to find a place on your smartphone or other supporting devices.

You can access Yidio through its website on your devices. To make it more user friendly it has an app that is the Yidio app available on all supported stores of your devices. 

Yidio app provides you with the same experience as its website. The app will send you its latest addition to movies and TV Shows through notifications. 

All in all, this is a great free movie app to find a place on your smartphone or other supporting devices. 


Access Yidio website directly without having the need of creating an account or profile. It is hassle-free to use.

You can access the Yidio website directly without having the need of creating an account or profile. It is hassle-free to use.

In addition to that, it also ensures that your child doesn’t accidentally watch any mature content as before watching any mature content you need to enter your date of birth for verification.

In appearance, it is just an ordinary video player, easy to navigate as all the functions and features are flashed on your screens.

Since Yidio is a free streaming service it solely depends on the commercials. It uses OTT (over – the – top) service that is Yidio’s funding comes from advertisements. 

The video player also has a social sharing option. You can easily tweet or share on Facebook, in case you loved watching any content and wanted to share with your family and friends because it’s best when you watch it together like one big happy family.

Pros and Cons

Considering the greatness of Yidio makes you stream it right away but we have to present before you all the ups and downs of it before you make the final verdict. Remember never take decisions in haste.



1. Free streaming service.

1. Not all shows are free.

2. One-stop-shop for your  ultimate entertainment.

2. Commercials popping up.

Final verdict 

If you are a movie enthusiast then Yidio is your ultimate strong love. It allows you to access shows for free and that’s great, unlike its other rivals. Then what’s stopping you from watching your favorite shows and enjoy what you love. Yidio entertains you without being a burden on your pocket and that’s why we brought you Yidio review.

Be a smart one and grab Yidio before you do anything else because it is free it won’t do you any harm. And we know you are smart enough to decide for yourself!

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