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UC Browser is quite a popular browser with around 500 million users all around the globe. If you are currently using this web browser but not feel satisfied with its features and want to switch over to something better, then we are here to lend you a helping hand by enlisting a few best browsers. These browsers not only provide powerful performance but also enrich your browsing experience in various ways.

Why switch to UC Browser’s alternative?

For a long UC Browser has been blamed for not providing a private and secure browsing environment and for transmitting personal identification data and other information to third-parties. Apart from this, it displays ads so frequently that it literally annoys users and makes the browsing experience frustrating. And sometimes, malware activities are also witnessed by many users while using the UC Browser. Considering these factors, many countries have banned this browser too. So the search for a good browser seems relatable to many people now.

8 Best UC Browser Alternative Apps

Keeping all the cons of UC Browser in mind we are recommending browsers that are known more for offering privacy and security of data. Because along with fast crawling speed, qualities like privacy, security, encryption, no ads, and no tracking all make browsers perfect for use, otherwise users may incur personal information loss too.

1. Microsoft Edge

UC Browser Alternative

It is an outrageous browser that has a lot to offer. It makes your surfing experience more personalized and comprehensive by syncing your devices with each other. Keeping your privacy a top priority it offers features like tracking prevention, InPrivate mode, Microsoft rewards many more. Earlier it comes pre-installed on Windows PC but now the app is also available for android users to download and to enrich their browsing experience with a powerful performance.

Some amazing features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Powerful performance with fast browsing speed.
  • Tracking prevention protects your data and maintains your privacy.
  • InPrivate mode leaves no trace of your browsing by deleting history and automatically closes all tabs once you have done with browsing.
  • Ad blockers get rid of you from annoying ads.
  • Devices syncing create a link between your devices and give you a continuous browsing experience.
  • In the United States, Microsoft Edge has introduced a new feature called Microsoft Rewards that offers exciting online shopping deals and in nearby stores while browsing.
  • Rating: 4.5

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2. Firefox Lite

UC Browser Alternative

Mozilla offers the lightest and the fastest browser that makes your browsing experience worthwhile. Smooth browsing with super-fast turbo mode. It is also well-known for providing advanced private browsing with complete tracking protection, saving you from unwanted ads and no other records. To make your search experience more satisfying it offers free games, news stories, and travel discovery. This app is good at managing your phone space too. Overall it is a perfect alternative to the UC Browser with many more great features.

Some outstanding features of Firefox Lite:

  • Lightweight Web Browser of 6 MB which is perfect to fit in your device.
  • Turbo mode gives you super-fast speed for browsing.
  • Advanced Private Browsing experience with ads and tracking protection.
  • Its news stories brief you about worldly affairs and travel discovery helps you to plan your exciting trips.
  • For enjoyment, it offers free games to play without even installing.
  • Good at managing your phone space by transferring data to your SD card.
  • Save the whole page for later offline read.
  • Night mode saves your battery and gives you a comfortable reading experience at night.
  • Rating: 4.3

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3. DuckDuckGo

UC Browser Alternative

This top-rated browser is known for its secure and private surfing. It is good to choose as an alternative to UC Browser because it is a wholesome package with faster speed and amazing features. It keeps your data safe and provides protection from trackers and from any other kind of inconvenience. Few other features like generating a strong password, Quick stopwatch, calculator, calendar, case changing, mime rhyme with time, etc. make it a useful app.

Some stunning features of DuckDuckGo:

  • Swift and smooth browsing with faster speed.
  • To protect your data, it automatically blocks hidden third parties trackers and lets you browse anonymously without leaving any trace.
  • For secure and safe browsing it enforces smarter encryption to protect them from any inconvenience.
  • It also allows you to check how protected you are while using this search engine with a decode-privacy option.
  • Embedded with many other features like generating a strong password, Quick stopwatch, calculator, calendar, case changing, mime rhyme with time, etc.
  • Rating: 4.7

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4. Via Browser.

UC Browser Alternative

This is another competitor of the UC Browser. Apart from being a super-light app to install in your android device, it is designed to give super powerful browsing performance. It has a customizing ability too to maximize users satisfaction by molding it the way the users want to use it. Other than this it has all the features one looks in a browser before downloading. Its lite interface makes it the best choice for Greek users for browsing. This mini-app is loaded with numerous outstanding features to provide a worthwhile browsing experience.

Some great features of Via Browser:

  • Popular for its minimalism and its light interface does not occupy much space and provides smooth functioning to your android devices.
  • Faster speed saves time, the device’s battery, and makes web browsing fast as lighting.
  • A customizable browser allows you to give personalized touch by designing your own home page.
  • Provide complete privacy protection by removing search history, cookies, and other identificational details from sites.
  • Ads are blocked to save you from wasting time and prevent you from any kind of tracking through ads.
  • Web page translation is also available to make browsing more simple and easy.
  • Rating: 4.3

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5. Brave Browser

UC Browser Alternative

This is the best AdBlock privacy web browser for android users. This app offers the fastest browsing speed and powerful performance. Privacy is the priority of this app and it provides a private browsing experience to its users. For better security, it has an AdBlocker, tracking protection, and Smart encryption. Apart from these features, it has a lot more appealing qualities which make it a strong contender for UC Browser’s alternative list.

Some brilliant features of Brave Browser:

  • Fastest browsing saves your battery and data by loading pages in much less time.
  • Built-in AdBlocker protects you from unwanted ads and maintains the seamless flow of browsing.
  • Private tabs are available to browse and keep all your history anonymous to protect you from third-party trackers.
  • Ensure security by enforcing smart encryption on your android devices.
  • Values your time and attention and offers rewards for watching ads.
  • Rating: 4.1

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6. Yandex Browser

UC Browser Alternative

Here is another alternative to the UC Browser with some more attractive features. This stylish browser enriches your browsing experience by providing a secure, private, and protected environment. Some appealing qualities like Incognito Mode, Active security system, AdBlocker, data compression, voice search, customization, etc. make it a more efficient and effective app for android users.

Some best features of Yandex Browser:

  • Load your page with lighting-fast browsing speed.
  • Incognito Mode allows you to surf the web in private and keep no record of your password and browsing history.
  • An active security system that protects your data while using a public Wi-Fi connection.
  • AdBlocker helps you to get rid of irritating ads and protect you from any kind of inconvenience.
  • Make it more easy and convenient to use by customizing your browser.
  • Loads your feed with stories, news, and videos based on the users’ interest.
  • Signing in to the Yandex account allows you to sync your data to all devices.
  • Save your device’s space by compressing and managing your data.
  • Rating: 4.4

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7. Maxthon Browser.

UC Browser Alternative

This is a fast and safe web browser with amazing cloud storage. It has many built-in features like private mode, password manager, email addresses manager, Adblocker, note-taking tools, multi-language support, etc. that make it a more reliable app for its users. It lets you sync your data across devices easily for a continuous experience. So it’s time to switch to this faster and lighter browser to improve efficiency and save data.

Notable features of Maxthon Browser:

  • Fast, secure, and compatible browsing with Cloud storage.
  • Block ads automatically to prevent you from any inconvenience and third-party fraud.
  • Incognito mode provides you a private browsing experience and leaves no trace of crawling history and cookies.
  • This app tries to save every possible bit of data by super-fast browsing and providing offline reading options.
  • Night mode and smart image display make browsing more eye-friendly and save your data.
  • Widen its reach by Supporting 25+ languages.
  • Rating: 4.0

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8. Vivaldi Browser

UC Browser Alternative

It’s time to switch to this faster and lighter browser to get a more secure experience and save data. Keeping the importance of privacy, it offers private mode, AdBlocker, and encryption. And its flexible user interface offers you light and dark mode, desktop-style tabs, and other amazing features to make your browsing more fruitful. Apart from android users, it is available for all namely iOS, Windows, and Linux users.

Some awesome features of Vivaldi Browser:

  • Worthwhile browsing experience with this faster and lighter application.
  • Keeping the importance of privacy, it provides a private mode where browsing and its history has no record.
  • Ads are automatically blocked to save your data from being tracked by frauds.
  • Sync your data, bookmarks, password, etc. with your other devices and enforce end-to-end encryption to ensure security.
  • Helps you to take notes and capture full-length screenshots of any websites for offline use.
  • A customizable interface allows you to set shortcuts and give a personalized touch to your browser.
  • Rating: 4.2

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9. Ecosia

UC Browser Alternative

A unique search engine with the vision of afforestation. This browser is not here for money-making business but for making the planet greener even through the internet. For browsing, it has all features that one looks for in a perfect browser. This is a different but efficient and effective search engine which on one hand solves all your problems and on the other, helps the planet to become greener with each and every surf. It is not at all wrong to say that it is a perfect browser of modern times.

Some impressive features of Ecosia:

  • An initiative that promotes afforestation with powerful browsing.
  • Chromium-based browsers good enough to provide a fast and secure browsing experience.
  • User-friendly interface that provides intuitive browsing experience.
  • Keeps your privacy on top and doesn’t save your search history.
  • Encrypted your searches and blocked ads and trackers for better security.
  • Rating: 4.6

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10. Phoenix Browser

UC Browser Alternative

This is not only known for its fast browsing but also for fast downloading. It has a Smart Video Downloader and Optimized Video Player and a super-fast files manager that always keeps you ahead. It lets you choose the search engine to maximize users’ satisfaction too. Apart from this, it has many other qualities like full control over privacy, no ads, no third-party interruption, etc. that make it a good alternative to the UC Browser.

Some striking features of Phoenix Browser:

  • A super-fast and super-light browser that maximize your satisfaction.
  • Choose a search engine among Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo, and Bing as per your preference.
  • Smart Video Downloader and Optimized Video Player to provide a worthwhile watching experience.
  • Incognito mode keeps your browsing experience private with no trace of history, cookies, etc.
  • Files manager keeps your data organized and junk-free.
  • Block Ads and trackers save you from watching unwanted ads and being tracked by third-parties.
  • Rating: 4.5

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If a browser fails to provide a satisfying browsing experience to its users then it is better to switch to its alternatives for a worthwhile experience. To help you to choose the best alternatives we have drafted a list of best android browsers that offer powerful performance with amazing features.

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